Luke Holden

Astrophysics PhD student


Papers for which I am an author

Holden, L. R., Tadhunter, C.N., Audibert, A., Oosterloo, T., Ramos Almeida, C., Morganti, R., Pereira-Santaella, M., Lamperti, I., 2024, MNRAS  ADS Journal

Speranza, G., Ramos Almeida, C., Acosta-Pulido, J.A., Audibert, A., Holden, L.R., Tadhunter, C.N., Lapi, A., Gonzalez-Martin, O., Brusa, M., Lopez, I.E., Musiimenta, B., Shankar, F., 2024, A&A 655, A55 ADS

Holden, L. R., Tadhunter, C., 2023, MNRAS 524(1), 886-905 ADSJournal

Holden, L. R., Tadhunter, C., Morganti, R., Oosterloo, T., 2023, MNRAS 520(2), 1848-1871 ADSJournal

Tadhunter, C., Holden, L., Ramos Almeida, C., Batcheldor, D., 2019, MNRAS 488(2), 1813-1821 ADSJournal


Papers for which I have an acknowledgement

Vaduvescu, O. et al. 2022, Earth Moon Planets, 126(2)  ADSJournal

Houghton, R.J., Goodwin, S.R., 2022, MNRAS 513(2), 2635-2651 ADSJournal

Seminars and talks

Academic seminars and outreach talks I have given

Cardiff University (Feb 2024) - "Precise diagnostics of AGN-driven outflows"

Newcastle University (Nov 2023) - "Precise diagnostics of AGN-driven outflows"

`The importance of jet-induced feedback on galaxy scales' Lorentz Workshop (Oct 2023) - "Outflow acceleration mechanisms and precise kinetic powers in nearby Seyfert galaxies"

`AGN on the beach' workshop (Sept 2023) - "The importance of kpc-scale jet-induced outflows in local radio-intermediate AGN"

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (Jul 2023) - `Supermassive black holes and galaxy evolution'

Instituto Astrofisica Canarias (IAC) (Mar 2023) - `Precise diagnostics of AGN-driven outflows'

University of Sheffield (Mar 2023) - `Multiphase outflows in the active galaxy IC 5063'

ASTRON (Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy) (Nov 2022) - `Multiphase outflows in IC 5063'   Slides

Tapton Sixth Form (Oct 2022) - `The importance of supermassive black holes in galaxy evolution'  Twitter (Tapton Science Research)

NAM 2022 (Jul 2022) - `Precise diagnostics of multiphase outflows in the nearby Seyfert 2 galaxy IC 5063'  NAM 2022

Eckington School Sixth Form Outreach (Oct2021) - `Physics at Uni, Volcanic Islands and Black Holes'  Twitter (Eckington School)

ING Seminar (Aug 2019) - `Commissioning of a new ING DIMM at ORM'  Slides (ING)

ING Seminar (Aug 2019) - `Evolution of light pollution at ORM'  Slides (ING)